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COVID-19 Resources

School Re-Opening 
  • The ABC Science Collaborative (2021) is a program that pairs scientists and physicians with school and community leaders to help understand the most current and relevant information about COVID-19. The program helps school leaders make informed decisions about returning to school using data from their own communities.
Resources For Educators and School Health Personnel
  • COVID-19 in Child Care and Preschool Settings (April 2021): This research summary of 11 studies reveals that early learning programs are not associated with an increased risk of COVID-19 infection when providers follow proper mitigation measures.
  • National Association of School Nurses provides comprehensive resources for topics such as, how to safely send resources from schools to parents, ideas for the deployment of school nurses, and helping children cope with COVID-19.
  • National Association of School Psychologists provides a COVID-19 resource center for concerns including crisis and mental health support, special education delivery, and equity considerations for during and after the pandemic.
Vaccine News
  • eSchool+ Teacher & School Staff COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard (2021): Dashboard summarizing progress toward vaccinating teachers and school staff. In addition to monitoring state-by-state school reopening status and vaccination prioritization for teachers and school staff, the dashboard includes a wide range of epidemiological data, including trends in cases, infection rate, and hospitalizations.
School-Based Health Services 
  • Center for Connected Health (2021): Provides COVID-19 telehealth policy updates, including increased eligible services via telehealth for Medicaid patients and a list of eligible providers.
Resources for Parents
  • Virtual Calming Rooms (2020): Many School districts are creating virtual calming rooms to help parents, students, and staff embrace and manage emotions caused by the pandemic.
Additional Resources


News digest:

This twice-weekly news digest summarizes relevant articles and information related to COVID-19 school closures. It focuses on the five critical areas: 1) continuity of learning; 2) health; 3) food security; 4) supervision; and 5) housing/safety and is disseminated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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The Consortium team has been invited to join numerous key dialogues regarding COVID-19 youth responses. Check out our upcoming programs below.

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