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Faculty Award:

Dr. Vanya Jones, Associate Professor (Bloomberg School of Public Health)

This project aims to use a community-engaged approach to adapt the Safe Streets programs for use to reduce violence in schools. Currently, this project is partnering with Community School Coordinators of the Y of Central MD.

Student Awards:

Sandra Zaeh and Michelle Eakin (School of Medicine): Mentor: Dr. Meredith McCormack (School of Medicine).

The project will partner with the Art as Applied to Medicine group at Johns Hopkins to develop tailored asthma education materials for students and school stakeholders to reduce environmental triggers for students with asthma based on previous empirical work.

Rachel Strodel (School of Medicine) and Hannah Wallace (Bloomberg School of Public Health): Mentor: Dr. Colleen Christmas (School of Medicine)

Their project aims to implement a novel authentic family engagement and community needs assessment to link families at Commodore John Rodgers School with critical community resources. This includes the creation and management of community events such as virtual art and cooking session.