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  • COVID-19 and Schools: The public health case for closing schools and where we go from here (Webinar on May 12, 2020). A recording can be found here.

Asthma Symposium

On September 26, 2019, the Consortium had its first asthma symposium entitled “Addressing Asthma in Schools” to discuss innovative school-based asthma prevention and treatment strategies with leading experts in the field.

Symposium Agenda
      • Title: Overview of Asthma in Baltimore City
        Presented by Sarah LaFave, MPH, RN, PhD Student, Johns Hopkins University
      • Title: Baltimore City Health Department Asthma Strategy: School and Community Continuum of Care
        Jointly Presented by Margret Schnitzer, MSW, LCSW-C Director, Community Asthma Program and Joy Twesigye, WHNP-BC, MPP, Director of Health Program Planning and Evaluation
      • Title: Built environment and asthma triggers in schools
        Presented by Meredith McCormack
      • Title: School-Based Directly Observed Asthma Controller Therapy
        Presented by Katherine A. Connor, MD, MSPH, Medical Director, The Rales Health Center at KIPP Baltimore
      • Title: Telehealth: An Innovative Approach to Reaching High-Risk Asthma Patients
        Presented by Helen Kinsman Hughes, MD MPH, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


School-Based Vision Care Symposium

On April 16, 2019, the Consortium had its inaugural symposium on school-based vision care entitled “Addressing Pediatric Eye Care Needs – The Role of School-Based Vision Programs.” This successful event attracted individuals from Hopkins and many other organizations interested in school-based vision care for an afternoon of presentations and discussion around this topic. Keep an eye out for our next symposium in Fall 2019.

Vision Symposium Agenda
      • Title: An overview of school-based vision programs
        Presented by Megan E. Collins, MD, MPH
      • Title: Lessons learned from parent and teacher focus groups on school-based vision programs in Baltimore and Chicago
        Presented by Hursuong Vongsachang, BA; Alyssa M. Kretz, BA; Jonathan Callan, BS; Madison Wahl, BS
      • Title: Rales GOSEE: Vision programming, community partnership, and creating a vision home
        Presented by Tresa M. Schumann MSN, RN, CPNP
      • Title: Student adherence and satisfaction with eyeglass usage in the Baltimore Reading and Eye Disease Study (BREDS)
        Presented by Amy Huang, BA
      • Title: Eyeglasses retention in a school-based vision program
        Presented by Moneesha R. Mukherjee, BA
      • Title: Compliance with eyeglasses in school-based vision programs: A systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis
        Presented by Amanda Inns, PhD; Alyssa M. Kretz, BA
      • Title: Analysis of vision screening failures in a school-based vision program (2016-18)
        Presented by Rachel R. Milante, MD
      • Title: Quantitative insights from school-based vision programs – analyses in Vision for Baltimore
        Presented by Ahmed Shakarchi, MBChB, MPH
      • Title: Modalities of vision screening: photoscreener vs. distance acuity
        Presented by Xinxing Guo, MD, PhD
      • Title: The use of advocates and incentives to increase consent return rates
        Presented by Christine Levy
      • Title: Cost analysis of a school-based vision program in Baltimore, MD
        Presented by Alyssa M. Kretz, BA
      • Title: Program-building considerations for school-based delivery of vision care
        Presented by Jonathan Callan, BS
      • Title: Vision screening guidelines by state
        Presented by Madison Wahl, BS
      • Title: Refractive error prevalence among inner-city students receiving school-based vision screenings and eye exams
        Presented by Angeline Nguyen, MD
      • Title: Glasses in Classes: How school-vision advocates support school-based programs
        Presented by Christine Levy, Anne Currie, Grace Galiani, School Vision Advocate Interns
      • Title: Quality Assurance of the Vision for Baltimore program
        Presented by Emma Ghazaryan, MD
      • Title: Referral to community care in school-based vision programs
        Presented by Ahmed Shakarchi, MBChB, MPH