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School-Based Vision Care Symposium

On April 16, 2019, the Consortium had its inaugural symposium on school-based vision care entitled “Addressing Pediatric Eye Care Needs – The Role of School-Based Vision Programs.” This successful event attracted individuals from Hopkins and many other organizations interested in school-based vision care for an afternoon of presentations and discussion around this topic. Keep an eye out for our next symposium in Fall 2019.

Vision Symposium Agenda
  • Title: An overview of school-based vision programs
    Presented by Megan E. Collins, MD, MPH
  • Title: Lessons learned from parent and teacher focus groups on school-based vision programs in Baltimore and Chicago
    Presented by Hursuong Vongsachang, BA; Alyssa M. Kretz, BA; Jonathan Callan, BS; Madison Wahl, BS
  • Title: Rales GOSEE: Vision programming, community partnership, and creating a vision home
    Presented by Tresa M. Schumann MSN, RN, CPNP
  • Title: Student adherence and satisfaction with eyeglass usage in the Baltimore Reading and Eye Disease Study (BREDS)
    Presented by Amy Huang, BA
  • Title: Eyeglasses retention in a school-based vision program
    Presented by Moneesha R. Mukherjee, BA
  • Title: Compliance with eyeglasses in school-based vision programs: A systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis
    Presented by Amanda Inns, PhD; Alyssa M. Kretz, BA
  • Title: Analysis of vision screening failures in a school-based vision program (2016-18)
    Presented by Rachel R. Milante, MD
  • Title: Quantitative insights from school-based vision programs – analyses in Vision for Baltimore
    Presented by Ahmed Shakarchi, MBChB, MPH
  • Title: Modalities of vision screening: photoscreener vs. distance acuity
    Presented by Xinxing Guo, MD, PhD
  • Title: The use of advocates and incentives to increase consent return rates
    Presented by Christine Levy
  • Title: Cost analysis of a school-based vision program in Baltimore, MD
    Presented by Alyssa M. Kretz, BA
  • Title: Program-building considerations for school-based delivery of vision care
    Presented by Jonathan Callan, BS
  • Title: Vision screening guidelines by state
    Presented by Madison Wahl, BS
  • Title: Refractive error prevalence among inner-city students receiving school-based vision screenings and eye exams
    Presented by Angeline Nguyen, MD
  • Title: Glasses in Classes: How school-vision advocates support school-based programs
    Presented by Christine Levy, Anne Currie, Grace Galiani, School Vision Advocate Interns
  • Title: Quality Assurance of the Vision for Baltimore program
    Presented by Emma Ghazaryan, MD
  • Title: Referral to community care in school-based vision programs
    Presented by Ahmed Shakarchi, MBChB, MPH

Asthma Symposium

On September 26, 2019, the Consortium had its first asthma symposium entitled “Addressing Asthma in Schools” to discuss innovative school-based asthma prevention and treatment strategies with leading experts in the field.

Symposium Agenda
  • Title: Overview of Asthma in Baltimore City
    Presented by Sarah LaFave, MPH, RN, PhD Student, Johns Hopkins University
  • Title: Baltimore City Health Department Asthma Strategy: School and Community Continuum of Care
    Jointly Presented by Margret Schnitzer, MSW, LCSW-C Director, Community Asthma Program and Joy Twesigye, WHNP-BC, MPP, Director of Health Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Title: Built environment and asthma triggers in schools
    Presented by Meredith McCormack
  • Title: School-Based Directly Observed Asthma Controller Therapy
    Presented by Katherine A. Connor, MD, MSPH, Medical Director, The Rales Health Center at KIPP Baltimore
  • Title: Telehealth: An Innovative Approach to Reaching High-Risk Asthma Patients
    Presented by Helen Kinsman Hughes, MD MPH, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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