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Being at a premier academic institution, we believe that the dissemination of our work is important.

Over the past several years, several Johns Hopkins entities have been conducting research in the field of school-based health delivery.  A selection of our publications can be found below.

Peer-reviewed publications

School-Based Health Interventions
  • Pediatric Asthma Is Associated With Poorer 3-Year Academic Achievement in Urban Elementary and Middle-School Students. (2020).  Journal of Pediatrics
Vision Care

Media publications

  • The eSchools+ Initiative, Data Points Episode #68. (May 2021). Podcast Data Points 
  • Kids already know ‘stop, drop and roll’ for fire emergencies; it’s time to teach ‘stop, wash and mask on’ for COVID-19 | COMMENTARY. (February 2021). Baltimore Sun 
  • Setting Sights Higher: 50,000 Vision Tests and the Impact on Baltimore’s Children (February 2021). Johns Hopkins Medicine 
  • The Future of Education, professor Annette Anderson on Safe Schools. (February 2021). Michael Horn Youtube Channel
  • A Blue Ribbon Commission is Needed to Chart a Path to Reopening for Schools. (January 2021). Baltimore Sun
  • How are Teachers Prioritized for COVID-19 Vaccination by the US state? (January 2021). Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics
  • Kids with certain medical conditions should not attend in-person school while COVID-19 continues to spread |COMMENTARY  (Octuber 2020). Baltimore Sun 
  • Handling Outbreaks after COVID-19 Re-openings: The Case of Germany. (October 2020). Robert Slavin’s Blog
  • Learning from International Schools: Outbreaks after COVID-19 Re-openings: The Case of the United Kingdom. (September 2020). Robert Slavin’s Blog
  • Learning from International Schools Part II: Outbreaks after COVID-19 Re-openings: The Case of Israel. (September 2020). Robert Slavin’s Blog
  • Ethical Issues to Consider when Reopening Schools. (June 2020). Baltimore Sun
  • Let’s Learn from Peer Countries How to Open School Safety. (June 2020). Robert Slavin’s Blog
  • Addressing Disparities in K-12 Education During the Pandemic: Examples of Policy Options and Guidance. (June 2020). eschool+ Initiative
  • The Ethics of K-12 School Reopening: Identifying and Addressing the Values at Stake. (June 2020). eSchool+ Initiative
  • Let’s Be Honest about the Ethical Trade-Offs of Reopening Schools. (May 2020). Education Week
  • When Students Aren’t Healthy, They Don’t Do Well in School. (February 2020). Baltimore Sun